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HBO Max Will Offer 2x The Content that Disney+ Offers

Posted by Team Awesome on Dec 14, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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Today John Stankey, President and Chief Operating Officer of AT&T at the UBS Global TMT Conference, opened up about HBO MAX. During the conference, AT&T’s President talked more about his plans for HBO MAX and defended the $14.99 price point.

During the talk, John Stankey was asked about the $14.99 price for HBO MAX compared to cheaper services like Disney+. According to Mr. Stankey, HBO MAX will offer double the content of Disney+, so charging twice the price makes sense.

“Disney was kind of like about half of the content of what we have at half the price,” Stankey said. “I was listening to feedback after the investor day and there’s a continuum. There are some who have said, ‘too cheap,’ some who have said ‘just right’ and some who said ‘too expensive.’ That tells me we probably found a good place to start.”

John Stankey also pointed to how HBO MAX will provide content for everyone in the family. “We’re making sure that there’s a good, stable offering for the late teens and twenty-something” viewers, Stankey commented. HBO MAX will also include some kid friendly animated content from Warner Brothers for the younger audience, along with a library of HBO series and movies for adults.

Mr. Stankey pointed to how Disney+ has more of a targeted audience, rather than including content that will reach all age groups. Taking a different approach, AT&T plans to use its Warner Media content to offer something for everyone. The goal, Stankey says, is for everyone to look at HBO MAX and say “That has something in it for me… I see myself in that offering.”

What do you think of HBO MAX’s $14.99 price point? Do you believe the amount of content makes the $14.99 price worth it with cheaper services like Disney+ and Apple TV+ on the market? 


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