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According to Disney Hulu is the Fastest Live TV Streaming Service

Posted by Team Awesome on Aug 12, 2019 9:15:00 AM
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Yesterday, Disney reported its third-quarter 2019 earnings during which CFO Christine McCarthy said Hulu was the fastest-growing live TV streaming service in the United States during April, May, and June.

Important Note: On the callendar, April-June is the 2nd quarter of 2019. Disney starts its fiscal year in October making this the third-quarter for Disney.

Disney stopped short of giving firm numbers for Hulu’s live TV streaming service, so it is still possible that Sling TV is the largest live TV streaming service with 2.47 million subscribers. It has been reported that Hulu has about 2 million live TV customers, but that is only our best guess. Disney did announce that Hulu over all added 1.2 million paid subscribers brining its total live TV and on-demand subscriber count to 28 million.

With DIRECTV NOW’s (now called AT&T TV NOW) recent drop in subscribers, it is believed that Hulu is the second-largest live TV streaming service followed by YouTube TV. Sling TV is still holding on to its crown as the largest live TV streaming service in the US.

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