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5 Pro Tips for Fire TV & Fire Stick

Posted by Team Awesome on Aug 31, 2019 10:37:00 AM
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article by: Luke Bouma

The Fire TV and Fire Stick are powerful streaming players, and with these tips you can get even more out of them.

Earlier this year we posted 5 Pro Tips for Fire TV and Fire Stick owners. Now we have 5 more pro tips to help you get the most out of your Fire TV. Here are our 5 new Fire TV pro tips:

#1 Turn Off Auto-Playing Videos & Audio

Ok, we all hate that video that plays at the top of your Fire TV when you go to the home screen. It’s typically an ad promoting some Amazon show or movie. The good news is Amazon lets you turn that off by going to Settings > Preferences > Featured Content. There you will find an option to turn off the Video Auto Play option.

#2 Stop Targeted Advertising

Amazon now lets you ask them to stop targeting ads to you. Go to Settings > Preferences > Privacy Settings to turn off Internet-based ads.

#3 Fire TV App

Amazon has a powerful app for Android, Fire Tablets, and iOS. This app will let you control your Fire TV from your phone or tablet. (Perfect for when you can’t find the Fire TV remote.)

The best part is you can also use your phone’s keyboard to type in passwords and usernames instead of trying to use the onscreen keyboard if you have the Fire TV app.

#4 Cast Netflix or YouTube

Searching Netflix or YouTube on your TV is not nearly as fast or as easy as on your computer or phone. Now your Fire TV will let you search for the show or video you want on your phone and cast it to your TV thanks to an update on the Silk Browser. You can learn how to do this at

#5 Sync Recently Watched Across Multiple Fire TVs

Have you ever watched an Amazon Prime show or movie on one Fire TV only to have to go and find it again on a different Fire TV? Amazon has added the ability to Sync your Recently Watched across multiple Fire TVs.

The best news is if you don’t like this feature you can turn it off in the Settings. That way what your kids watch won’t show up in your recently watched section.

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