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Posted by Katie Sales on Feb 12, 2019 1:03:02 AM

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Marie Van Brittan Brown: inventor, pioneer of the CCTV system

Marie Van Brittan Brown was a brilliant African-American inventor ahead of her time. She created a home security system that became the first surveillance devicein a long line of surveillance devices that continue to populate the security market today.

Marie and her partner, Albert Brown, who was an electronics technician, applied for a patent for their invention on August 1, 1966. Their patent was filed for their Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance, a closed circuit television system, known today as CCTV system.

She created the first CCTV system to be used for the home monitor. Her inventions and patent evolved into all the advanced home security technology in use today.

Van Brittan Brown innovation included a set of four peepholes, a monitorized camera that could slide up and down to look out each one, monitors, as a two-way microphone, a remote-controlled operated door, and an alarm button. When it was pressed, the alarm button would immediately connect to the police.

Video of who was at the door and windows were sent to a receiver inside the home. Her invention allowed her to talk to visitors with an intercom and open the door remotely.

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