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Robot Vacuums Are Here to Stay!

Posted by Katie Sales on Feb 1, 2019 3:47:59 PM

For full article visit USA Today. Article by Jennifer Jolly. 

"Sweeping" changes are underfoot in the robot vacuum world, with a few of the latest models inching closer to a kind of Rosey from "The Jetsons" reality than ever before.

For instance, most robot vacuums come equipped with Wi-Fi now, so that you can schedule and control them from an app on your smartphone. Many also sport some kind of on-board camera that helps them navigate from room to room without getting tripped up between a hardwood floor and area rug. A few of the newest models are also voice-enabled, so you can say, “Alexa, have Roomba vacuum the kitchen,” and it does – with more speed and less sass than, say, the average teenager. And with the latest addition vacuum that can empty its own dustbin, at least one model can go months before needing a human touch at all.

In other words, robot vacuums are on a roll.

Which robot vacuum is the right one for you comes down to price (there’s a huge range from $200-$1,000), need (a daily once-over, pet hair, pollen?), and just exactly how much you want it to do on its own. Here are a few of the best robot vacuums on the market today."

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