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Small But Mighty: 5 Tiny Tech Hubs Across North America

Posted by Katie Sales on Jan 29, 2019 1:32:30 PM

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Wilmington has made the list as one of the top Tech Hubs across North America! Being highlighted as a notable startup/tech company within Wilmington is yours truly; WhyFly Awesome Internet!

Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.


"Population: 70,000

Traditional economy: government, health care, manufacturing (chemical)

Local accelerators: Start It Up Delaware1313 InnovationThe Mill 

Notable startups/tech companies: NERDiT NOWWhyFlyGeoswap"

WhyFly is giving the power back to the consumer. As a company, we consider all of those “extra” fees, taxes, and contracts to be “Gluten”, and that’s a bunch of Shenanigans!

We know people are trying every day, to be healthy and balanced in all of the other areas of your life; why should your internet be any different?

Sign up today! Change the way you think about the internet and how it works. We have a great team of humans who want to serve our community!

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