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"Wilmington is Booming!"

Posted by Katie Sales on Oct 23, 2018 1:11:16 PM

"Wilmington is Booming!"

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Born and raised in Delaware, Ryan Ball has very invested feelings towards the past and future of what Wilmington has to offer!

"The combination of investments in new residential spaces as well as an increased focus on retail development has put the city in a good place, he explained."

“I believe Wilmington is in a place now that the years and years of building infrastructure, is starting to come to fruition,” he said. “You walk down Market Street and you’d be shocked if you didn’t see a new business popping up every three weeks that is well thought out, and serves a niche audience, and is from a local entrepreneur.”

This is key, said Ryan. "You need to have all of these elements working at the same time to not only create growth, but also a genuine personality for a city and downtown."

“I like to walk up and down Market Street at least once a week to take a look at what we have going on, he said. “I was there the other day, stopped by Stitch House (Brewery) and there was a lively atmosphere in there. Very vibrant. It was eclectic. And that represents, to me, the mix that we have in Wilmington.”

As a local business in Wilmington, it is beyond refreshing to hear the empowerment that is behind our city! From people like Ryan to our entire customer base, this city is thriving because of the support it has locally!

Keep it going Wilmington! #ItsTime

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