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Thanksgiving WEEK! AHHH!!!

Posted by nickadmin on Nov 20, 2017 6:31:06 PM

THANKSGIVING WEEK IS HERE..AHHHHH!!! Oh Wait, I have Awesome Internet, Enough for the Whole Family... What About Turkey?

by: Shosh

It’s Thanksgiving week. You have so many decisions to make. How long does the turkey go in the oven? Who is going to sit next to Aunt Margaret without crying? Are there enough activities for the kids? Why did Amanda become a Vegan? Your mind is racing. You’re sweating. You’re anxious. All you want to do is relax. All you want is a moment away from the chaos. That’s where we come in. Our WHYFLY Awesome internet will make your week even more awesome. Not only does WHYFLY allow you to browse the web at a great prices, but you can stream video without the lag.

I know what you’re thinking, now I have to make yet another choice when I really just want to chill out. Don’t worry, whether you have Netflix or Hulu, Showtime or HBO GO, we’ve compiled a list of shows that are sure to peak your interest.

So sit back, relax, and let WHYFLY do the work. Don't Have WHYFLY?  No worries sign up today

$55 per month No Contracts No Hidden Fees No Shenanigans and No Gluten Internet!  The Holidays are tough enough your internet shouldn't be ;)


Alias Grace



Crime Drama

Like the Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Margaret Atwood’s 1996 novel comes to life in this new miniseries. Alias Grace explores the insanity defense when psychiatrist, Dr. Simon Jordan, must decide if Grace Marks should be pardoned for insanity after murdering her boss Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper Nancy Montgomery.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Seasons 1-9

HBO GO; Netflix (Seasons 1-8)


Larry David, a semi-retired television writer and producer in Los Angeles and New York, selfishly walks through life annoyed by the everyday behavior of others. Unable to let his feelings go, Larry finds himself trapped in awkward social situations where people assume he’s done something morally reprehensible or foul.  This show goes great with a post Thanksgiving dinner turkey sandwich.


Good Place  

Seasons 1-2

Netflix (Season 1); Hulu (most recent 5 episodes)


After her death, Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in The Good Place. However, her presence there is a mistake. In order to stay in the Good Place, Eleanor starts to learn to become a good person.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Seasons 1-12


Netflix (Seasons 1-11 until mid-December)


Five abhorrent, scheming friends, Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Sweet Dee and Frank, run Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia. Unable to learn life lessons, the five friends spend their days scheming, arguing, and undermining each other with endless scenarios that land them no where.



Season 1


Crime Drama

Before the late 1970s, criminal science knew little about the psychology of murder. When two FBI agents find themselves studying real murderers, the world of the serial killer is opened wide.


Mr. Robot

Seasons 1-3; DIRECTV App

Crime Drama

By day, Elliot Alderson works as cyber-security engineer, but by night, he works for Mr. Robot leader of hacktivists’ fsociety. Elliott's mission is to bring down corporate America, but he must also work against the company he is paid to protect.


PBS Great Performances: In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams.; PBS Video Player


Before Lin-Manuel Miranda skyrocketed into stardom with his hit show Hamilton, he launched his first musical, In the Heights. This performance-documentary chronicles the story behind Miranda’s first Tony Award-winning hit in 2008. Starting off at an off-Broadway theater, Miranda created a Latin and Hip-Hop-infused musical exploring one New York City neighborhood and its inhabitants.


Scott & Bailey

Seasons 1-5

BritBox (a streaming service bringing the best of British TV to America.)


While they spend their days solving  cases, Manchester Major Incident Team’s Detective Constables Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey spend their nights weaving through the challenges and dramas of their home lives.  



Seasons 1-8; Netflix (Seasons 1-7)

Comedy; Drama

A Chicago family of six kids must make their way through life with their alcoholic money scheming father, Frank Gallagher. Despite their father’s unscrupulous ways, each kid finds their own way to raise themselves and each other.



Seasons 1-4


Comedy; Drama

When Mort Pfefferman, a divorced father of three grown children, comes out as Maura, a transgender woman, other family secrets bubble to the surface. Each child processes their father’s transition in different ways, while continuing to navigate through their own messy and confusing lives.

Remember breath, stay calm, and stream your favorite shows with AWESOME INTERNET!

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